Do you find it hard to stay consistent when it comes to working out? A lot of people experience that same issue. There are a lot of obligations in our busy lives that take up priority, slowly making our calendar more full. Subsequently, we lose our motivation and rhythm for getting in shape, making it easier for us to just want to give it up. You can prevent this by taking up a training schedule with a personal trainer. This way, you will find it will be easier for you to reach your goals and feel more fit and energized! 


You decide how you would like to get started with your personal training. We can train one-on-one, or you can take a buddy with you. All personal training sessions take place either in my private studio in Dordrecht, or on another chosen location. This could either be in your own home, or somewhere else indoor or outdoor in Dordrecht and immediate surroundings . 

After you have applied, we will schedule an intake interview either via a call or Whatsapp. During this conversation we will go over your motivation, your goals and if you wish to train individually or with a buddy. After this, we will schedule a trial session in the private studio in Dordrecht. During this session we can ascertain if we click and get an even more detailed picture of your training needs. 

Trial session

Are you unsure whether or not personal training is the way for you? Book a trail session, no strings attached!



Welkom bij Kolsteren Sport Coaching. Ik bied personal- en groepstraining aan.

Ik ben een aantoonbaar gecertificeerd personal trainer voor de beginnende, gevorderde en professionele sporter.